Comment on Start the Zerodha 60 Day Challenge

Subodh commented on 29 Aug 2017, 07:41 PM

Hi Nithin,

I have 3 questions to pester you with 🙂

Question 1:
I see that Star Trader : Carina, has an average Capital of 5.41lac(from 01-02-2106) and profit percentage of 185.39%.

Can you please explain how Average Capital and Profit Percentage is calculated for a given period of time(explanation for a period of 3 days will clarify my doubt).

Question 2:
How often is the Overview chart updated for a star trader(I see that the trader(Carina) has traded today(29-Aug-2017) but the chart is only updated until 24-Aug-2017)? Is it Weekly once?

Question 3:
I have checked Carina’s Trade history. I found that after calculating the P/L for a day(08-Aug-2017) where only futures were traded(considering Trader traded with only one lot of the instrument), the P/L doesn’t match with the overview P/L. Am I missing some parameter in this case?


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