Comment on Pi - Overview and Feedback

Sumanth commented on 14 Oct 2014, 03:59 PM

Congrats Nithin on the release and i feel really very happy to be one of the beta users of PI.I have few clarifications still like:

1. Is there any basket/spread orders available on PI ?

2.Payout option on PI?

3. Does the software work on Apple MAC ? Will the mobile application also be updated with the PI release i.e something advanced like PI mobile?

4. We have to use the web margin calculator or will it be synced with PI ? Also the Q back office cause it may help us to know the buy/sell price.

5. Any reason for it being called the Avante grade it’s just that i’m quiet curious 🙂

6.Lastly, the release date of the PI platform.

Cheers team

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