Comment on Latest update - Kite charts

Prashant commented on 23 Aug 2017, 05:35 PM

@Nitin Bhai, BSE Sensex index kab add hoge. No option to add BSE sensex in watchlist. I have checked it from customer care they are also not aware.
1. Two major index nifty 50 & BSE Sensex by default need to be on top of market watch. These are basic for all user, So it should exclude from watch list and place above that. (Change in index can be made from there only)
2. Last trade time for stock is not known. very important for trader. How much fast liquidity is in stock to buy and sell in minutes is most important for day trading. So if last trade time last trade qty is given it will help most.
3. Top gainer/looser by value and volume. Market news & announcement , Trading calls all are missing in mobile app and web version.
4. You have given 5 watchlist it is okay to add(20*5=100) stock script but Do you really think anyone tracks 100 stock.
5. Script Margin %, Very big point, if you cannot give margin calculator for equity day trading no problem but atleast given margin % of a stock. How can i calculate how much amount required for ITC 500 shares intra day trading. As each script has vary from 10% to 75 % margin so each script margin % required can be given with immediate update. Not required developers to go huge changes.

Lots of more key essential thing is missing in mobile app version and i can see updates are not getting frequent after so many suggestions from various users. You may have start brokerage firm as passion which has turned in vast business now. So Now you cannot go with same speed like beginning time of your business and you cannot left these inputs from various users unhandled. You need to be more hardworking and professional with IT Team. because YOUR BUSINESS IS NOW RUNNING ONLY THROUGH TECHNOLOGY. SO YOU NEED TO BE MORE ADVANCE IN TERMS OF SOFTWARE AND WEB TECHNOLOGY.
See now huge smartphone users in india and multitasking is in life like, travelling and trading, is part of life so mentioned suggestion need to be must have point in smartphone app version to make is practically useful app for day trading. I have already given much input here as suggestion not complained. I have switch Zerodha just because of brokerage charges but I see kite mobile app/web app is far behind from most of market leaders in industry which i used to.

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