Comment on Latest updates - Aug 2017

Venkatesh V commented on 22 Aug 2017, 10:19 PM

Dear Nitin,

Congratulations for a completing 7 Years journey , indeed a great achievement, and I am so proud being a foundation customer almost since zerodha been started. there were lot many occasions you have surpassed my expectations.

however I have few disappointments as well

New Q Back office, I am hearing almost since last 2 years, however time lines passed but not finite ETA yet…would this be a reality at least this year. Appreciate if could you let me know what is the actual bottle neck in the progress.

in the interim, my wish is at least restore the Flash Back (looking flash back of executed trades) feature, which is something I’m missing over for a long time. could you?

Kite iOS App, though you have standardised the look and feel same as android, still there were some teething issues, order which was placed in AMO on Kite Web, could not be able to modify in the Kite App, orders do not get sync’d in real time when new orders placed over kite web or nest trader…

likewise other app, pls extend the trade execution notification at smart phone level, currently notification get alerted within the Kite app…

Real-time Price alerts notifications on smart phone level, again this is done with almost with all other competitor apps, I just wonder why couldn’t be done at Kite app level.

Appreciate if could you take a serious note of this.


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