Comment on Pi - Overview and Feedback

Venkatesh V commented on 14 Oct 2014, 10:43 AM


My quick feedback/clarifications with PI

1) I find under settings, timeout for PI terminal timeout can be specified to any digits e.g. 999999….does this mean can i keep the terminal active for the whole market hours?

2) i want to know , whether the script based alerts works even when the terminal is locked?

3) I do not find Script based alerts (Buy/Sell Signals) be sent over Email & SMS? This is a vital feature that need to be incorporated for remote users like me.

4) I found some strange behavioiurs as far as AMO orders are concerned

a) first i tried to place an AMO order and later tried to modify, though it is showing that it is modified however i still see the same order with value i entered first time.
b) i then cancelled the AMO order
c) AGain i attempted to modify the cancelled AMO order, to my surprise it allows to modify or cancel once again a cancelled order.

Need to know your Actions/thoughts on this


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