Comment on Pi - Overview and Feedback

bpr commented on 14 Oct 2014, 09:43 AM

Zerodha regarding OHLC window couple of requests

2 Decimal only

Make sure the price should show only upto 2 decimal. 3 decimal not needed makes it difficult to Read. This suggestion is applicable for throughout the application.

Scrip Name Redundant
Also the scrip name is not required. In this case “NIFTY14OCTFUT” is redundant and makes it cumbersome to read the OHLC window.
You can give a option to remove the name here.

X Y Coordinates Optional
X Y coordinates interesting but give user option whether he wants to show it or not.

Indicator Short names and make it optional too
Also for the indicators instead of “Exponential Moving Average” short names like “EMA” will be preferable.

Also what if there are 15 indicators on the chart the tooltip will be too big. A option should be given to the user to show the indicator values or not.

Also Volume is missing
Should show Volume for each candle.

Finally what I am looking for
Pi should allow the user to configure the OHLC window to display as follows.

Open: 7829.00
High: 7834.00
Low: 7825.60
Close: 7826.00
Volume: 13500

Hope not too difficult to change.

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