Comment on Latest updates - Aug 2017

SB commented on 19 Aug 2017, 05:09 PM

Dear Nithin ,
Gr8 Milestone Achieved, Many more to come.

1) STT is killing intraday traders , It has to go away .
2)STT on exercised options is big trap (It needs to be corrected).
3) NSE co location facility is undue advantage to big players , it has to be terminated.
4) Retail traders should get Top 10 Bid/Offer data for free (Right now its just Top 5)
(Did you get chance to discuss above 4 points with Amitabh Kant or Fin Minister ?)

Expectation from zerodha:
1) Kindly introduce countdown timer for Intraday candlestick charts (Refer
2) Buy /Sell orders trigger depending on Nifty spot price.
3) Buy /Sell orders from charts directly.
4) Introduce quarterly /yearly candlestick charts (currently its upto monthly)
5) Market orders for options.
6) Disclose quantity option for Futures and Options orders.
7) More later on……..

Last one but very very very important :
Don’t sell zerodha Business to any big Fish out there , They will simply extort money from small retailers like us. If you wan’t to sell your Business do let us know , we will give you offer.

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