Comment on Latest updates - Aug 2017

N.P.Raju commented on 19 Aug 2017, 03:57 PM

Dear Sir,

Congratulations to you and your Team at Zerodha on completion of SEVEN years of service and the detailed note on the existing products and future plans. It is heartening to note that you have been invited for the NITI Ayog meeting with the PM on 16th Aug 2017 which is an indication of your standing in your professional service in the country ( as well as outside the country ).
I have joined Zerodha very recently (had been ignorant of its services —- having said that Zerodha does not promote itself). I have started trading activity from 2nd Aug and had 6 successful sessions and two unsuccessful sessions
( which of course had given me leanings). I was able to positively enhance my small capital more than 20%. Had it not been for the unsuccessful trading my capital would have been enhanced to more than 40% in 8 sessions! This was possible with the great Technical support as well guidance and leanings Zerodha extends to its clients which I feel no other organisation in the same profession would be willing to extend. This is against my trading activity of more than 5 years with a different organisation where in I would have lost more than Rs 2 lakhs. The support received from that trading house is a big Zero. I hope and is very positive that what I lost would be recovered in short span of time and the the funds put back to productive returns with Zerodha.

Thanks and wishing your team for a greater achievements in their roles for the organisation.


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