Comment on Latest updates - Aug 2017

Prashant singh commented on 19 Aug 2017, 03:14 PM

1. Many many congratulations for the recent achievements. PMO thinking highly abt ur org is a testimony to it.really Zerodha has captured the hearts and wallets of so many becoz of the RELATIVE OUTPERFORMANCE in terms of cost and technology and the intuitiveness of investing process.
2. But thts d tricky thing in intuitivenss and performance.others r catching up in terms of price .still i feel there is a lot of room to grow and also capture the market share if there is a real effort to think only this.HOW TO MAKE IT EASIER TO TRADE AND INVEST FOR THE CUTOMERS.I feel der is still such a huge scope of improving on that.few examples.
3. Alerts system on mobile based on price .technical conditions .
4. Result feed during earning season of a watchlist with minimum time lag .also alert on mobile.
5. More number of watchlist thn present 5 with more number of companies per watchlist.alert system based on a particular watchlist and condition.
6. You hv to build up on a system better thn opentrade wherin emphasis is on equity also and charges are should be within kite social or something abt whts trending .basically u want people within zerodha to interact more n more.share info.
7. Finally to outperform in d future u hv to be intuitive invoative n customer friendly and keep integrating ur features into the same portal.IF UR CUSTOMER IS A WINNER BECOZ OF UR HELP.NO DOUBT U WILL BE A WINNER OF THE INDUSTRY.

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