Comment on Latest updates - Aug 2017

Manish commented on 19 Aug 2017, 03:13 PM

Huge congrats to Zerodha for making such a phenomenal progress in so little time and offering so much to the clients at a Unified place and framework. Indian traders/investors are truly blessed because of all that Zerodha provides is more than enough for anyone to start a solid business in the Financial Markets. And that also in a most discounted price than any other broker in India. Really happy to see all the improvements that have been made and is being made all the time. At the same time the whole Zerodha platforms esp Kite has totally matured so fast that it has rightfully placed itself as the #1 Trading Platform in India. Kite has become totally stable, reliable, fast, featured, and performant all around.

So thanks a lot for all you’ve done. Really appreciate it. Keep it up 😀 !!

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