Comment on Charting - Nest Starter Pack

Nithin Kamath commented on 24 Mar 2013, 05:12 PM


firstly Zerodha trader is our software based platform, Z5 is our html web based platform, both of these are different. The software platform will definitely be the first choice, but if you cannot install platform because of firewall issues or internet speeds, the Z5 will be the better option.

1. ZT has charting will suffice from beginner to intermediate charting. It has almost 50 different indicators. But note that the charting on ZT and Z5 is completely different. on Z5 there is very basic charting , hence I mentioned above that ZT should be your first priority. [Click here](

2. Amibroker/plugin is optional. You can subscribe to this only if you need to do advanced charting.

3. Datafeeds will be required to use Amibroker and what package you choose is upto you. As a zerodha client you will get a discount from them. But as I said earlier this is optional.

4. ZT our software based platform, is advanced, has a lot of tools like SPAN calculator, option strategy etc. We have collocated servers for optimum speed and performance. I’d say this would be among the best choices in the country for intraday trading, both as a trading platform and also considering our pricing model.. 🙂

Hope this helps..


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