Comment on Pi - Overview and Feedback

Aman Sharma commented on 13 Oct 2014, 10:22 PM

Feedback for PI:

1. Drawings (trendlines,text etc.) made on higher time-frame should be available on
lower time-frame.
2. Beside being easy to zoom, chart area should also be draggable or movable up/down, left/right.
This would allow us to view nearest support/resistance without zooming in or out.

There could be two ways to do that:
a.) Left/right drag could be assigned to scroll-bar of touch-pad(wheel of mouse),
up/down drag could be assigned to Price axis.
b.) Most convenient way would be to enable chart drag using event: double click and drag.

3. Also provide toolbox for drawable chart objects. Going through the chart menu every time we need to draw something on chart is such hassle.

4. Enable copy-paste on chart objects. In some scenarios it’s more convenient to make a parallel copy of existing trend-line.

5. Already drawn chart drawings/studies disappears on reloading the chart. Those should persist or else there should be a way to save them.

6. We should be able to lock the workspace just like we can on Nest.

7. And also I’m getting a lot of these unhandled exceptions. Users should not be facing them.

8. Chart templates are not working.

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