Comment on Pi - Overview and Feedback

Aquif commented on 13 Oct 2014, 08:35 PM

Hello Nithin……Must accept the features incorporated in PI are simply awesome and new. Especially like the Consensus Report. Wherein you can double check before executing a trade with all the stratgies that worked for you. However am afraid to say, with regards to customizations and ease of operations for beginners, PI is way behind Nest Trader and Trade Tiger. Ofcourse long way to go for PI since its still in Beta Stage. Am comparing it with Trade Tiger coz for charting i mainly used Trade Tiger over nest for 2 Main Reasons, No Supertrend in Nest and also i felt Trade Tiger is more user friendly.

I would like to Sum up the positives from Both Nest and Tradetiger apart from some fresh suggestions, which if you can incorporate would probably make PI the most feature rich and User Friendly Software in India.

Starting with with the easy to implement suggestions
1) Customization in Nest is just about perfect with options to change background and font colour on almost all windows. However if not all, it would be great if you can atleast let people customize Marketwatch Background colour instead of themes as for me, Bright colours are uncomfortable to eyes and Zerodha Black theme does not have the right contrast. Also though you have option of Market Watch Font colour change….For some strange reasons it changed only font colour of some columns for me

2) Nest has the option of adding deafult disclosed quantity and default Product type. Same can be incorporated in PI

3) Order Book, Trade Book and Admin Positions open up in a different Tab in PI. I feel if you can by default set it to open as new window as in Nest or atleast provide an option in settings to open the same as either new window or as Tab by default, it can benefit those who place limits orders and have to frequently modify orders with changing price.

4)Also after closing a Tab. Focus i feel should be set to Market Watch window instead of Immediate Next window

5) Menu Icons bear just the symbols and not names…..Which makes it difficult atleast for those not trading frequently

6) Also would it be possible to Set default order quantity as percentage of Available Margin? If not atleast is it possible to process an order by entering the Total Amount instead of Quantity? Ofcourse same can be applied only with Limit orders.

7) There is no option for fixing Index Bar to the current window only….Currently it appears even if you minimize PI for some other work. We just have option to enable and disable same.

8) Also could not find, write/Link Market Watch Data to excel option. Though not very sure if its already there.

9) Coming to charts, Trade tiger has a feature where a tracker ball or cross-hair is used to determine the Highs, Lows, Open and Close of a candle, and corresponding Values of Volumes, RSI, Moving Averages etc. This becomes pretty handy

10) Supertrend should be included.

11) With current charts, If zoomed in, its very diffcult to move left to Right and vice versa unlike Trade tiger wherein u can just do it by left clicking and moving with mouse. Also zoom in and out can be done just by using “+” and “-” shortcuts.

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