Comment on Pi - Overview and Feedback

agsuresh commented on 13 Oct 2014, 07:54 PM


Hope you already saw the doc files I had sent to you on issues and improvements.

Here is another one.

Backtest : This opens a new chart window of a tested scrip even though a chart of the same is already open.

The backtesting is done on certain hypothesis say crossover (sma 8, sma 14). However to know how this works we need to have those indicators too. probably the best way is to define a default chart (with indicators) and load the scrip chart with default template setting or mark the buy sell signal on the already opened chart (if it is open).

So this requires three things (1) save chart as default template (2) load the default template (3) check if the chart of the testing scrip is already open and mark the signals on that chart window or else open a new window with the default template and mark the signals.

Hope you understand. Marking signals on a plain chart is pretty useless.

Secondly as the cursor is moved on a candle, its data should be displayed somewhere (I would prefer the right hand top corner).

Most of these is already present in the nesttrader.

hope you can incorporate some of these in the next update.

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