Comment on Charting - Nest Starter Pack

Raymond commented on 24 Mar 2013, 04:12 PM

Lately I have been exploring a lot and I am almost clear with most of the Intraday related activities. I do have few doubts for which I was trying to find out an answer and the questions are –

1)Does the web based trading platform with Zerodha offer all the basic charting tools and the required indicators for Intraday?. I see lot of sites talk about Charting Platform being a separate feature from Trading Platform.

2)Also, I see a lot of sites talk about Amibroker/Nest Plus Plugin – Do we really need to subscribe for those or are they optional?.

3)Also, what about the data feeds? Should we subscribe by paying per month/Quarter/Semiannual/Annual basis?. I see a lot of references on Global Data Feeds.

Last but not the least, is Zerodha Trader (web based/Software based) is all that we need for Intraday Trading?

Please clarify on the above and I thank in advance for the time that someone may invest in responding back to the above.


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