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JAI SUNDHER commented on 11 Aug 2017, 09:32 PM

Sir, i am a new entrant to Zerodha. I started trading only the day before yesterday. I am a newbie to intraday trading. This afternoon i took a short position in Bajaj Finance using Bracket Order for ten shares.. My entry price was Rs.1677 and my target was Rs.1667, which was hit within 10 minutes. But when i opened my order book, i found only 5 shares were squared off at the target price. The rest was used to enter a new buy position without my knowledge. When I opened the Admin Position i found the following details:
Segment – NSE
Product – BO
Trading Symbol – Bajajfinance
Net buy quantity – 10
Buy average price – 1676.18
Net sell quantity – 10
Sell average price – 1677.00
LTP – 1695.40
MTM – 8.25 [in green background].
I don’t understand any of this. I did only one trade today, that too a short trade. I did not take a buy position. I am not only confused, but also apprehensive. Could there be some mistake? Can you explain this to me and also advise me as to what I should do on Monday, the next trading day? Do I have to square off the position or something? Thanks in advance.
jai sundher

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