Comment on POA - Power of Attorney for your Demat account

Shashikant commented on 10 Aug 2017, 07:44 PM

Hi Team,
I have following question related to easiest. Question are generic in nature.
1) What happens with POA given to DPs when BO start using easiest?
2) What are charges and time span to transfer share using easiest?
3) Can BO de register himself from using easiest facility ? Or BO has to connect Its DP for same ?
4) What is mean by transferring shares to DP using easiest ? Wheather share transferred to some BO under that DP or It get transferred to DP .
5) How one can sell shares in holding while using easiest facility ?
6) What happens with easiest registration if It wont authorized by it DP ?
7) What are DP roles related easiest facility ?
8) Suppose person has two demat account .i.e A and B . If Person wants to transfer shares from A to B then
easiest should be opened for A ?
If easiest opened for B and grouped A in B then is it possible to transfer shares from A to B.
9) Is there any drawbacks of using easiest facility ?
10) I have sent mail to CDSL asking about quires related to easiest de registration . reply received from CDSL is ,Please contact you DP for same. Does DP and BO have active roles in easiest ?
11) As per my knowledge , BO can not edit easiest registration form once he submit it in CSDL. Does DP has rights to edit BO application on request .

Please help !

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