Comment on ZT-View Cash Limit

Rihana commented on 07 Aug 2017, 04:03 PM


As per the calculation of 50% from collateral and 50% from Cash,
About 3.16L should be used from each, right.
So, I should be having about 68K(3.77L – 3.16L) as Cash Balance and 85K(4.01L – 3.16L) as Unused Collateral.

But in Q Back Office, it shows the Withdraw able balance in negative i.e. -2.54L (3.77L – 6.31L)
i.e. Total Cash – Total Margin Used.
It is not considering the collateral at all.

I believe, the system should allow unused Margin which is 1.47L in my case to withdraw.
Please let me know.
Many Thanks,

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