Comment on Z5- Getting Started

Rohit commented on 12 Oct 2014, 02:35 AM

I have been using/trying to use Z5 since last 5 months. Sadly, I dont have have any other option since I am using a Mac. Here are the issues that I face on regular basis:

1. The feed/data stops refreshing for no reason all of a sudden. So, you end up seeing stale market data. Has already cost me dearly. 🙁
2. It logs out automatically.
3. If you reorder the scrips in Market Watch and then place an order, the ordering of scrips is lost.
4. The market data in the pop-up window for placing order also stops refreshing for no good reason.
5. The size of all the mini-windows should be configurable(not just min/max) i.e. order book etc.

I will be really surprised to know if someone has been using it for trading.
So, I am thinking of giving up on it now and using virtual box. 🙁
Had been using the basic version of the zerodha site till now which needs to be refreshed each time you want to get the market data.

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