Comment on Account Opening Documentation & Charges

Dhiraj Narang commented on 11 Oct 2014, 11:53 PM

I wish to open a demat cum trading account with zerodha, I am already doing trading with sas online, now I have some queries like : do u allow trading in penny stocks which are less than Rs.2/- and which comes in t2t or z or be or bz category, secondly is trade alert sms is paid, and if I sell 4000 shares at 20 paise each what will be the selling charges and how much amount will be credited to my trading account if you can explain the selling charges except brokerage charges, and if I purchase shares through your company will these shares be kept in your pool / beneficiary account or it will be automatically transferred to my dp account and will it be free of cost or transferring of shares after purchasing thru zerodha to my dp is chargeable and at the time of account opening will witness column being filled by your or have to be filled by us, and do i transfer margin money after opening the account and trading shares in bse does charge extra through nest

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