Comment on Zerodha F&O margin Calculator

ZH3972 commented on 02 Aug 2017, 09:03 PM this would seem very amateurish but I am kinda new and learning…so please forgive me.

Just wanted to know when we do intraday trading using MIS we are given more leverage by Zerodha which in turn enables us to trade with more volume of shares. Now when we square off our positions, how much of the profit earned, is deducted by Zerodha i.e. apart from the brokerage?

e.g. I have Rs. 50/- in my account. I get another 50 from Zerodha as MIS leverage. Now with the total of Rs. 100/-, I buy 100 shares of Re. 1/- each. I sell them at Re. 2/- per share (Rs. 200/- total). Profit earned is Rs. 100 (200-100). Now how much would Zerodha deduct from the Rs. 100/- profit earned.
(For the sake of simplicity, let us assume brokerage charges are nil.)

My apologies if this seems silly, but I had to ask. Thanks.

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