Comment on MCX - Profit/Loss for every 1 Rs change

Ajax Titan commented on 30 Jul 2017, 07:45 PM

About NRML order:

If there is a NRML order for crude oil mini for which amount needed in my account was Rs. 3000. & my account has only Rs.3000.

Let us say we bought it at rs.3000 for NRML. Now, if the price of crude increases by Rs.50 & it becomes Rs. 3050.

Will Zerodha square off my order on its own before expiry, as the new margin amount required would be 3050 (for NRML) & my account currently has Rs.0 (Zero) amount due to previous order placed.

In short, I want to know if I need to maintain more balance in my account for NRML order to manage the changes in the margin requirements once the price level change?

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