Comment on Quant - Sabermetric approach to trading

prashant.warrier commented on 09 Oct 2014, 05:11 PM

Hello Zerodha, I am a prospective convert to Zerodha, I am currently using other trading platforms. The key thing i am looking for is a superior trading platform and i have been very impressed by what i am reading/hearing about “PI” and other supporting tools such as Quant. Analytics is a key component of a traders success and am glad Zerodha is doing what it can in that space…..My specific question today is does any of Zerodha’s platforms currently allow for a “cash linked Future order”….I.e. will I be able to put in a pre-market order that says if Nifty or any stock touches a particular price, immediately buy a future of Nifty or the stock. Simply put, instead of buying in equity segment at a particular price, i want to trigger a futures order at a cash price trigger.
If not currently available, does the new platform have this feature?
This is an important feature for a futures trader and i know only of IB that provides this feature. It would be a key differentiator.

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