Comment on Tradetax for income tax returns when trading

BIJOY KUMAR PADHI commented on 29 Jul 2017, 05:19 AM

Hii Nithin, thanks you very much in advance,i am worried very much,i am worried very much,i am a salaried person,I have suffered losses in 2016-2017,statements from zerodha are as follows
in equity,
Intraday gross profit₹17,276.60
Intraday turnover₹49,572.10
Short term gross profitN/A
Short term turnoverN/A
Long term gross profitN/A
Long term turnoverN/A
Total Charges₹13,459.56
and in f&o

Futures Gross Profit₹-1,97,467.50
Options Gross Profit₹-7,901.25
Total Gross Profit₹-2,05,368.75
Futures Turnover₹8,79,120.00
Options Turnover₹7,90,181.25
Total Turnover₹16,69,301.25
Total Charges₹1,15,012.16
and in commodity

Total Gross Profit₹-10,07,717.50
Total Turnover₹10,91,977.50
Total Charges₹6,68,862.56
my income from my salary exceeds Rs 10,00000
1,Do i have to go for audit?
2,zerodha provides details of my trading,i don’t know what auditor (ca) does,
3,In addition to losses should i have to pay whopping charges to CA too?
4,If i don’t show my losses in IT return ,And i don’t want to carry forward my losses and get a IT notice ,is my offense is punishable?

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