Comment on Charting - Pi

Parag commented on 28 Jul 2017, 07:51 PM

Hi Nithin,

A few suggestions that i would put forward as suggestions as well as requests,
1. Would the new version of Kite and Pi incorporate MP? This is a must study.
2. Can we have customized indicators, something as making our own indicators and strategies with scripts on Kite (like on
3. A market screener for screening as per studies in Kite (screening for above, below and crossovers).
4. News indicator (for selective stocks as per user ) with sentiment analysis.

All of my above mentioned suggestions come for the betterment of the Kite platform. I truly love all that has been put up for us (traders) to use with Kite.
I hope my suggestions would be incorporated. Looking forward on using them.

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