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Shankarshan Mukhopadhyay commented on 23 Jul 2017, 12:20 PM

Nithin Kamath, how many years does it takes for your team to process a withdrawl that was requested on Friday 21.07.2017 at around 11 A.M.?

You advertise that funds are transferred on the next day, if request is placed within Mon-Fri. Why is the amount not sent to my bank account yet?

Of all the brokers I have ever traded with, your company is the worst that I have found yet. I get it that you want to save costs. But don’t make the client’s experience of trading with you a living fu**ing hell.

If you can’t continue providing good services, close your company and sell chole-bhature on the street sides.

You and your company has taken far too many things for granted, Mr. Kamath. Let me tell you, you are at the mercy of traders, not the other way around. If you think you are irreplaceable, then think twice. There are many like you in the market. It won’t take time, you know , to switch.

I have always been respectable to you, even in times when your company has caused a lot of unnecessary trouble for me and my friends. But don’t take it for granted.

You may have the least brokerage, but also the least business ethics.

I give you an hour at max. Transfer the funds to my bank account, and this conversation never happened. Don’t transfer it, and you will see what happens when you play with a client’s money.

Client ID: ZU1900

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