Comment on Zerodha-Fund withdrawal from Trading account

Arun Tiwari commented on 19 Jul 2017, 11:36 AM


I Recently started transaction on your coin platform after hearing lots off positive news, However I am really surprised to see all seems to be market gimmicks,

I put order for redemption for Debt fund on monday, It was showing T+1 as settlement and showing in my account on tuesday. However when I was using withdraw option the fund was not available for withdrawal. I talked to client support and they told me it will happen by 6:30 and then you can initiate the withdrawal which will be credited to your account by wednesday as I am holding an HDFC A/c . However fund was not settled till 9 Pm and was only reflected in today morning, Now when I put a request for withdrawal , It was told to me by support that it will happen by tomorrow. The interesting part is client support, I was trying to connect from 10 AM however no one was picking it after ringing for 5 minute one lady picked up the phone , When I explained the issue she told me that she will transfer the call to Funds department instead she disconnected the phone. Again after ringing the call and listening to noisy music for 5 minutes, One gentle men picked up and told be It won’t be possible to add funds till evening.

Now its really a big hurdle to use your services
1) Customer Support is really not good
2) Fund Withdrawal is really pathetic ,

I am CA and owner of a start up hence, It is really a feed back to improve upon these else these fake gimmick will not work in long term.

CA Arun Tiwari

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