Comment on Shortcut keys - Pi

Dhruv commented on 15 Jul 2017, 10:59 AM

I am using Pi, and I have 4 queries:

1) I have a market watch of around 20 scripts. If I have opened the chart for a script, how do I go to the chart of next script and so on without having to go back to the market watch and manually open another chart?

2) Also, I have 4 templates, how do I go to the next template at the push of a button (say for example the right arrow key or something similar), without having to right click and select “Apply Template”.

3) I am using the split screen option, with my Market Watch on the left and a chart on the right. Is is possible to select a script from my market watch and see that chart on the right side, instead of the chart opening on top of my Market Watch?

4) Is it possible to change the colour of indicators (other than the main colour)?

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