Comment on Basics Manual

agsuresh commented on 05 Oct 2014, 10:24 AM

It is strange that this query was not replied. I only got this working and also found the same issue. I had also posted the same question in one of the blogs. So far no one from zerodha has answered it. Perhaps it is due to the Navaratri holidays. But I find that recently lot many queries on these forums / blog are unanswered by zerodha team.

I think this is basic utility provided by Omnesys to get the traders buy their advanced custom made scripts. Those are the ones they build internally with all the function capabilities.

The present utility is crude and half baked. The concept of separate script for Buy and Sell itself may not be a not a very good idea. This means you have identify which script you want activate for a given scrip probably based on its trend (up or down). Which means if the scrip reverses the trend on a single day you will have to change the script.

In any case, unless the multiple conditions are considered, there is no point in wasting any time on this.

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