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Sikandar commented on 13 Jul 2017, 09:53 PM

1) please try to solve the mystery of disappearing trend lines earliest.
2) when i draw horizontal study lines and if CMP is very close to study line, the price flags on right side panels overlap and only one of them is visible and another hides behind. Please modify this to make it visible all times without overlapping.
3) Gradient colors of charts disappears and is not saved as default even after saving as default templet. Every time it is to be selected makes its useless.
4) Horizontal line on chart is not changeable/ editable if crosshair is ticked in user settings.
5)- Horizontal line values still keep changing on zoom/ scroll.
6)- A buy/ Sell/ SL line must appear on chart if placing order from charts and must be editable/ variable by draging.
7)- Crosshair values must be visible on X-Y panel. Similarly, EMA/ MA values must also be visible on Y panel.
8)- Bottom Date/ timeline/ Date seperator line is not synchronised.
9)- While using Fibonacci retractments, Chart gets shrinked. Need fixed. Also, % and its corresponding values to be on seperate ends of lines to avoid congestion.
10) Study line values on right side panel of Chart

Among a few. Are they looked upon ????

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