Comment on How to use the option calculator?

Option Trader commented on 02 Oct 2014, 10:23 PM

Values that I am struck are Risk Free Rate and Dividend.

Checked the RBI Link that was posted above for Risk Free….however would not find the value.

Request you to provide link where in I can see Risk Free Interest Values.

Do we have to change the Risk free rate every month.

Dividend –

Where can I find Dividend value for Nifty. Does it change every month
Where can I find Dividend Value for Particular stock – eg – Infy – does it change every month.

I have an excel incorporated with BS Model – If the IV is 42 or 43 in Nse – my xl says 47. is this right?

I also see Dividend value plays important role in IV value. Please explain?

Thanks in advance.

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