Comment on ZT-View Holdings

Raksha commented on 11 Jul 2017, 10:34 AM

Thank you Mr Kamath for your reply.

But i would like to inform you that suppose i have bought some stocks before April and sold after April
It is not possible to view the profit amount in P & L.
Any idea how to do it ?????

I called your technical support but each one of your representative has a new/different answer, i guess they have no idea about it

My second query is for each trade i need to know the break up of taxes along with the profit/loss amount, which is not available in case if you have bought stocks 2/3 mnths back and sold after a while

YOu can view it only if youhave bought and sold in the same month

My humble request to you is please understand my issue and give me a reply. SInce it is a customer specific query , so a standard reply would not solve this issue

Also if you have some tutorials which can help me understand, please send


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