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lionel john pinto commented on 07 Jul 2017, 12:52 PM

hello nitin ,
there are a few things about zerodha that really really piss me off as an investor.
1. first is the questions that you ask during sign in. everyday i waste to asnwer those questions, put the password and sign in. why dont you guys allow to save password so that this hassle is not required.

2. there are serious bugs when shares are trasnsferred from another account to zerodha. In this case the shares are not counted in total investments. the correct logic here should be that the transfer price is the buy price. Because otherwise you end up goofing the total value. Also if i had bought shares from zerodha for the same ISIN, then also the logic fails.
3. cant transfer money back to account from kite. this is terrible .need to go to q or pi or the thousand other apps that you guys have built and thats ridiculous.
4. please please please integrate all these things into one . fund transfer, trading, account views, pi ,q mutual funds into one. This multiple things is so damn painful dude. Please Please think through this approach.

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