Comment on POA - Power of Attorney for your Demat account

Somya commented on 01 Jul 2017, 12:26 PM

Hello Sir

I have a demat and a trading account with SMC Global and am thinking of opening a trading account with Zerodha. I was searching about the same where i read this:
“When you buy shares, you can send the shares to the same demat through multiple trading accounts. But while selling, you will be able to do so only through 1 trading account, the account for which you have the POA mapped with the demat. POA is required to debit shares online when the shares are sold.”

My question is that if i decide to go ahead with the idea of opening a trading account with Zerodha, then I’ll have 2 trading accounts, so where will i stand in the whole POA situation? Can or do i have to sign POA with both trading accounts?

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