Comment on Latest update - Kite charts

Aravind commented on 27 Jun 2017, 11:39 PM

Hi Nithin,
My name is Aravind. I am new to zerodha, but I have been trading with other brokers for the past 7 years.
First of all I would like to say that I am very much impressed by zerodha’s trading platform and its whole support system. I have found the technical analysis that kite provides, to be on par with if not better than, those of some of the other full service brokerages. Customer service is also excellent. On the whole a reliable service. Great job!

That being said I have found certain shortcomings with kite, even after the recent update.
None of them deal breakers, but still I hope they can be fixed in the near future.
Firstly, There is no option to choose 4 hourly or half day time interval for charts, which is one of the most widely used intervals for swing trading.
Secondly, The drawings that I make with the drawing tool are only saved for the last 10 charts. As soon as I make a drawing on an 11th chart, the very first drawing disappears. This can be really frustrating, especially for traders who like me, have quiet a number of stocks on their marketwatch.

And thats it. Hope you will fix these issues soon…

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