Comment on Trading Systems

Dipak Rathod commented on 29 Sep 2014, 07:06 PM

I recently have got opened my trading account.
I have few queries regarding AlgoZ to back-test the following strategy on buy side with 5 min. chart.
Buy when 10 EMA closes above 200 EMA and exit when 10 EMA closes below 50 EMA.
First of all please suggest me which closing price is being taken into consideration.
1) Stock’s closing price OR
2) Stock’s EMA closing price

In addition I have notice that in uptrend sometimes 10 EMA closes below 50 EMA but does not close below 200 EMA and then again 10 EMA closes above 50 EMA and makes more upside move.
In short word I want to stay on buy side as long as 10 EMA remains above 200 EMA but also want to exit when 10 EMA closes below 50 EMA. Kindly suggest me how to make a strategy to re-initiate buy call as long as 10 EMA closes Above 200 EMA.
Vice versa I want to initiate sell call as long as 10 EMA closes below 200 EMA.
These strategies would be for Intraday OR delivery?
I want to track and trade in some selected stocks. Is it possible OR stock suggestion would be software base?
Am I able to book partial or full profit manually? Like can I exit manually getting 15 to 20 percent or less profit on call?

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