Comment on SPAN Calculator

TRIPTI commented on 24 Jun 2017, 04:53 PM

Hey hi there, my question is i will be trading in futures in mis or bracket order since it will be squared off does the lot get sold at once or does it get sold in multiple step
b. when in futures using bracket order should i calculate using bracketcover order calculator wherein 40% on actual value i should i have or i should see the total margin in f&o calculator and its 40% value amount
c. in s&p 500 18-aug 2017 is showing margin required zero with infinity leverage in bracket calculator, and in f&o it 48…. something figure for 1 lot …….so does it mean i cannt use bracket order in this symbol of trade
d. if i m taking 40% of total margin to trade and thats the only fund total i have in account then when it will go mtm will i get penalty and the trade will be exited on its own

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