Comment on Installation - Pi

Shivam commented on 23 Jun 2017, 01:19 PM

Thanks for the reply Nithin.
(Not sure why reply button is not working)

Yes I have used Kite it works fine for me. But I am really interested in Pi because of its back testing features, it is something I want to do before moving forward.

If its possible with kite, please let me know where to find reading martial for the same.

Below is the reply from technical team
“Port is getting blocked from network side, not from your system side,Pi requires multiple ports for functioning, some ports are working and some are not.
All required ports are:

What bothers me is I am using a ISP used by a large number of people why would they block these ports just for me, I dont think they hate me I am with them from last 4 years 🙂


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