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Ashish commented on 15 Jun 2017, 12:20 PM

Thanks for replying earlier, Nithin. I have a few more queries. What if I invest in SIPs with Zerodha and stop after a year, and just forget about the investment I made for a few years? Do I still pay the 50/month and the 300 for the demat account? I have a lumpsum amount I might invest in a MF through Zerodha, do I have to pay 50/month as long as I cash it out? How is this 50/month deducted, since I do not see an option for automatic deductions. Also, it would be great if the money can get deducted automatically from our bank accounts every month for the SIP. One last question 😀 – I want o invest in Franklin Templeton’s MFs, but I don’t see it in Zerodha, so I might have to go with FundsIndia where I’m already investing ion MFs. How badly is FundsIndia scraping commissions? (I can understand if you don’t answer my last Q, but please do answer the others, wouild be very helpful. Thanks again.

A suggestion – It’s nice of you to answer questions yourself, but you should probably hire people to answer eveyone’s questions, basically hire more customer care execs as you’re scaling. The biggest thing stopping most people from getting on to Zerodha is the lack of information or the inability to reach out to someone from Zerodha for a few queries. I was unable to get anyone to call me to have my questions regarding SIPs clarified. I’m quite new to all this.

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