Comment on Quant - Sabermetric approach to trading

sureshsarvan2 commented on 26 Sep 2014, 01:13 PM

Hands down. Great effort. What a way to amaze the kids.
Seriously, asserting this so called “Quantitative Analysis tool” (Which is nothing but a bunch of graphs reflecting what a bank statement would do) as a way to improve your trading pattern or strategy, is laughable.
And that too from a broker who calls himself “modern” gives me hints about the desperate-to-market strategies of yours.
1. Your weekday strategy: Useless. Give me one reason that figuring out which day of the week has been most profitable to in last couple of months would increase my profit. Is it like that the God has assigned each one of us a “lucky weekday” trading on which we can earn bundles of cash? There is absolutely no relation between the day of week and the movement of any stock or commodity or currency prices.
2. Week of month strategy: Again Useless in the similar way. Copy my comments from above.
3. Profitability: Essentially same as the trading history with profits and losses. At least not completely useless.
4. Equity curve: Not an out-of-the-box offering but at least this reflects something. One get to know how he traded, can set a benchmark to rate future trading performances. But nothing that can improve his trading skills or help him earn more money. Its like Batting average of a Batsman, people can judge him(or have a good time killing discussion over it) with that number but knowing it won’t help him to refine his performances. Its just a bundle of figures, that’s it.
5. Streaks: Although it also doesn’t offer anything which could make traders earn more, but it may help them know about their trading style(which can make them wonder about figures which are essentially of no use but merely a topic of discussions).

You baffle me when you assert things as you’ve done in your first paragraph. Anyways, impressive initiative. Good Luck with your sales!

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