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Suyash Baderiya commented on 30 May 2017, 03:55 PM

Hi Nithin,

It really pains to write this.

I placed an intraday MIS order at 3:16:37 to enter a long position. Since all orders squared off by Zerodha at 3:20 are charged with call and trade brokerage, I placed an order to exit that position, which got rejected at 3:19:34 saying “rms: auto square off block”. The position finally got squared of at 3:22:22. Moreover, I didnt get a postback for the auto square off trade. When I called customer support, this is what happened:

1) Call 1: I was told that Zerodha puts a block at 3:18-3:19 and no orders are accepted beyond that point. She couldnt point to any public info. When I asked why should I pay for the mistake from Zerodha’s content team, she asked me to redial and press 1.
2) Call 2: (This guy was very rude) As per instructions from previous call, I redialed and pressed 1 to get here. When I told this guy about the situation and asked the same question, he didnt listen to me and started talking in a loud voice WHILEI WAS SPEAKING (you cant expect this from customer support). Then he asked me to write a mail to support.

This behavior from Zerodha support is not happening for the first time and has significantly reduced my trust in Zerodha. It’s not jjust about Rs. 20 (which I still want back) but about unprofessional behavior.

– Suyash

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