Comment on Latest update - Kite charts

Ashish commented on 30 May 2017, 02:14 PM

1. Please allow opening of charts from the holding page itself. Its very tiresome to find the scrip in watchlist and then open the chart.
2. It would be great if you add all buttons that come up on hovering a scrip in watchlist to come up while hovering my holding.
3. Also as there is limit for 20 scrips to be opened in one tab of watchlist, it would be great if you allow opening a chart without adding it to the watchlist. I can see, you have Search Symbol text box on chart which allows us to search among our watchlist, it would be great if this box allows results from all NSE and BSE with scrips in watchlist as top results and rest at the bottom of the suggestions list.
4. When you hover on Day’s Chg in holdings page, sometimes it shows 2 different popups. I know one is the actual amount of change due to today’s change but whats the other popup for? Some scrips show only 1 popup.

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