Comment on Margins- 2 Exit orders for 1 position

rajesh.nyk29 commented on 18 Mar 2013, 07:52 AM

Hi. Greetings Mr. Nithin.
I am about to become a new client at Zerodha. I trade only in stock futures on weekly basis and i had query relating to it.
If suppose i buy a stock future say Jindal Steel & power at 360. My target for a two days or may be a week would be 370. And stop at 355.! Can it be possible to place SL as well as target order for the stock at the above said prices? This is useful to me because i have multiple Stock future contracts and sometimes i miss the target because i am doing something else or seeing some other charts. I trade at SBI cap securities (One of the worst platforms) and they have no option has such. So many a times i have missed my target and exit at breakeven.
So in simple, is it possible when i buy a contract (Delivery) and Update both Sl & Target so that i can concentrate on something else than just keeping looking at screen to wait for the target?
Thanks & regards

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