Comment on Zerodha Partner Program - Refer Clients

raja sekhar commented on 25 May 2017, 12:06 AM

ZERODHA is the best broker .Thank u for providing so many applications and fast platforms. Now i have honor to request that you people should provide referred clients Phone number and Email ID’S in referral page for the below reasons

1. If they are facing any problem in opening an account in zerodha we can help them out. as they are not aware of any info about opening of account and trading.
2. I am the admin of Face Book pages and a groups which contain 12000 members. I referred them to join in zerodha .And some may join .In that condition i need to contact them to give a mouth to mouth publicity And that is the best in this market as u know.
3. if they need any assistance they can directly get touch with us (as we act as costumer care executive in this case because we are taking 10% of your income ) and they can get the fast info about webinars and programs that you conducted.
4. i personally observed that some clients are not opening the trading accounts they just submit there details and because of delay in response .it may be decreased by personal assistance by who is referring the Clients. we can assist them because we are familiar with this process .

for the above said reasons this may be consider for necessary action .Thank u and yes we are growing together with zerodha

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