Comment on Latest update - Kite charts

rijosh thomas commented on 23 May 2017, 06:33 PM

Hi, I’m using kite app for last 6 months.its very fast and user friendly. I appreciate the effort you and your team is taking to give us a flawless performance while doing trading
I’m having some suggestions that I think will be helpful to the most users.
1. In the app and software kindly add an option for the P&L which will display the profit and loss after deduction the brokerage and taxes (profit or loss I made in my trades which I can get In hand) while doing the trading. The brokerage calculator funta in zerodha website can be used with our stock that we buy or sell with the quantity to get the P&l in the display.
This will help us to how much real profit we made after in intraday trading.
2.kindly give option for getting alert or pop up if the stock price change as most of the people doing the intraday trading will check on the chart whole time and will miss the changes that came in other stocks.
3. After market hours most of the stock in the marketwatch will show zero. Pls try to display the value.
4.Another App with the above said suggestions and news like notification in the market like bonus, dividend, split offerings and quarterly result will help us to be in touch with market and no need to use any other app or software to do market research.

Hopefully some of the suggestions are valid and hope we will see our profit after all deduction in future updates.

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