Comment on Introducing screener by Tickertape

Sindhu Gururaj commented on 23 May 2017, 12:14 PM

I totally agree with Vigenesh, the ideas are great and I really respect and value them, but the foundation of anything done is flaky. U add buy/sell after 3:00PM, it will take a good 2 minutes to put the order in Kite. On market panic or Euphoria days, I am forced to use the trade.zerodha which I hate to use in case I need to buy/sell else simply loose the oppurtunity. IPO applying which is basic has to be done via ASBA and there is no update when it will be easy to apply at the click of a button like my friends at competitors do. For any issue that you call, even with Zpin sometimes it just tries the patience that you just cut the call, in case you get through, CS hardly has correct answers. Sorry to say that most of the times they are terrible. In very rare case, I have had them solve the issue. Contract notes – there are at least 2-3 instances where in I have had to write and request for it while the blame was on technology for it not having reached me. At least 2 instances where in someone’s contact notes is in my mailbox. Writing to Hanan will only get apology e-mail despite requesting for a call back as CS will never connect to him. It is not only me but there are many in my technicals learning FB group who constantly post of issues in Zerodha. Like you I used to advertise Zerodha in the beginning, now I simply opened an account with Sharekhan. At least I don’t miss out on the opportunity of buying or selling a stock on prime days at prime times even though I need to pay some minimum brokerage.

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