Comment on Charting - Nest Starter Pack

Hanan commented on 23 Sep 2014, 11:19 AM

Prem, historical charts work on Nest Plus as long as the stock has had some history. I’d suggest you upgrade to the latest version of ZT which is 3.11.2. This is available on our downloads page. Once you’ve installed the latest version of ZT, you will be prompted to upgrade Nest Plus to If you do this, you should not have a problem getting historical charts with all the other basic features.

If you’re having problems with installation, do call our support number for assistance. We’ve also asked one of the engineers from Omnesys to get in touch with you and I guess they should contact you within the hour. In the meantime, please make sure you delete all older versions of ZT and are upgraded to 3.11.2.
Check out this image. It’s Reliance historical chart.
Reliance Historical Chart

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