Comment on Introducing screener by Tickertape

Sudip Singh (Zerodha client since the beginning) commented on 22 May 2017, 01:14 PM

Exactly same advice from my side.. Some years ago I had lost 27k when my stop-loss was removed due to. Some platform migration. That was years ago but sad thing is that we still have many serious issues: 1) we can’t trade in India via and weekly bank nifty options 2) the option Martin charged for covered calls, covered puts and butterflies are crazy.. It should be equal to maximum possible loss as is the case with buying options. This severely limits our safe option trading 3) most importantly… We have kite.. Website crashing during market time for hours.. That is such a huge risk.. Imagine holding future say REC LTD and stock moves against you by say 10-15%.. While no fresh trades can be executed from Zerodha systems. 4) even checking PL and precious tax related info is hard to get.. When u apply filters you get absurd results..

All this must be addressed at top priority. Without these basic things it’s very painful to carry with Zerodha. People will move out on any opportunity. Even customer care is clueless most of the times.

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