Comment on Introducing screener by Tickertape

Vignesh G commented on 22 May 2017, 01:13 PM

Short delivery happened to me earlier in those cases Zerodha promptly mailed me. But didnt get any such mail for this occurrence. There are total of 50 stocks which is bought back at different time interval, I doubt if all of them would be short delivered
Trade date Trade time Exchange Symbol Type Qty
18-05-2017 09:28:38 BSE OKPLA S 50.00
18-05-2017 14:48:28 BSE OKPLA B 20.00
18-05-2017 15:03:23 BSE OKPLA B 15.00
18-05-2017 15:10:29 BSE OKPLA B 15.00

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