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Mahesh Chavan commented on 21 May 2017, 02:16 PM

I am very happy with Zerodha after they come out with Kite.
Pi is a great product but my poor hardware was unable to us it. But kite solved all my problems of hardware as I can now trade using mobile app.
Currently Zerodha is facing technical problems. i think Zerodha is giving best to us traders and to reciprocate we traders should ask zerodha to increase brokerage so that they can go for high capacity resources and continue to provide us good un-interrupted trading experience. I think zerodha should increase max. brpkerage from Rs 20/- tp at least max. to 50 /- and also there should be min. brokerage of Rs. 3/- to Rs. 5/- which is not much.
I have paid lot of brokerage to Kotak Securties and hence wo’t mind paying more than they are charging.
I believe in Nithin Kamath Sir’s ability to provide good trading platform to the traders and feel it’s our duty to increase zerodha’s income which will be benficial ultimately for us traders only.

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